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    SGC own 100% of all their projects and with 6 million acres surrounding Sydney the largest potential market in the country.
    up to $80 million in project finance and 60 wells to be drilled by June 2003 followed by a further 240 wells by 2005. which will give revenues of 10-15 million dollars. I don't think there is a comparison.

    MPO could only dream of this and just because they have more projects doesn't mean they are better or bigger. MPO reserves are dubious at best, they are closer to gas in place figures than P1 reserves. They are not taken from steady state production. This is the reason SGC have not made their reserves public. but if you are throwing figures about try 215 TCF how much have MPO got?

    SGC the original and still the best CBM story!

    sorry to dissapoint but the market is usually correct
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