SYA acquiring Canadian JORC Resourced Authier Lithium Project and is in Trading Halt

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    I thought I better post this thread here as I am not a big Resource Fan since 2008 but this warrants our discussion here, I felt. SYA has the same group of proven hitters as Altura. SYA is a Graphite Play. But they went into Trading Halt today and the word is that They will be acquiring and settling the Canadian Lithium Project located in the dead centre of all Lithium Projects with well established  Infrastructure. Its called Authier Lithium Project and the resource details are as follows.
    Table 1 – Authier JORC Mineral Resources Estimate (0.5% Li20 cut-off grade) Category Million Tonnes Grades Li20 Contained Li20 Measured 2.08 0.95% 19,730 Indicated 5.16 0.97% 50,092 Inferred 1.88 0.93% 17,480
    Total 9.12 0.96% 87,302

    You can see he presentation on SYA announcements. In the last 2 days a tiny firm called Tawana (TWA) resources more than doubled as they acquired some Lithium Grounds. In SYA's case its not exploring it is acquiring an established JORC Proven Project very close to all other Producers. Its closed at 3.7c I think yesterday. I am hearing that the CR and the acquisition would be completed by next week. So SYA will be a Graphite and Lithium Firm. Market Cap at the moment is under $19 Mil. I wonder what value it could be worth once the market takes notice of this acquisition is my Querie. I believe that we could make some money in this, as for a company like this I reckon the value should be much higher once this acquisition is completed if as expected next week, what do you guys think? Tha
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