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swot analysis

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    This stock seems like it has huge potential. We need to do a SWOT analysis on this company.

    Strengths seem to be 65000 sqkm of potentially Cooper Basin sized resources in oil, gas, CBM,CTL etc. Experienced management and Board. Native title negotiations seem to be finalised. MD should know this region very well having worked in senior roles in NT and SA resources departments.

    Weaknesses seem to be a lack of modern seismic results. Possible short term lack of adequate capital to fund wells for oil, and CSM.

    Opportunities include farm ins, possibly with Santos, Beach Petroleum, etc. They need majors with deep pockets and rig slots to help make this company rich.

    Threats could include dry wells, lower oil prices etc.

    Can all of you experienced oil and gas investors please add to this basic analysis. The more information that we have to make an informed decision the better. I only became aware of this company today.
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