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    Zionist Establishment Funds Likud
    Ronald Lauder: heir of his mother Estée Lauder's cosmetic billions, rightist ideologue, and leading Likud contributor and funding coordinator. Ronald Lauder is treasurer of the World Jewish Congress and a Trustee of the Special Reserve Fund of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith. His Ronald S. Lauder foundation, operating in the former East Bloc, paid for the ADL to open an office in Vienna, Austria, where Lauder was U.S. Ambassador in the 1980s. One of the WJC and ADL's top priorities in Central and Eastern Europe is the protection of hedge fund operator George Soros. The Lauder Foundation works in tandem with Soros's Open Society Institute, which advocates legalization of all narcotics and support for the Columbian FARC and other narco-terrorist agencies. After serving as U.S. Ambassador to Austria in the 1980s, Lauder personally became a major investor in "privatized" Eastern European properties.

    Lauder was named (by Secretary of State Sir Lawrence Eagleburger, former President of Kissinger Associates), to head the Central European Development Corporation (CEDC) that was created under a Federal act to function as a kind of pig trough for those with influence around the diplomatic community. CEDC is a consortium that mingles U.S. Congress-appropriated monies with those from private businessmen. With offices in Berlin and Budapest, CEDC invests in "privatized" Eastern European businesses for a nickel on the dollar.

    A cover story in the Jan. 29, 1996 issue of New York's The Jewish Week reported that Lauder funded Benjamin Netanyahu's campaign for Prime Minister in that year. This created a scandal and crisis for Lauder, who was running for chairman of the "politically neutral" Council of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CPMAJO). Within the CPMAJO, 20-odd leaders who favored the Oslo Accords peace process decided to protest Lauder's nomination.

    The report, that had been put together by investigative reporters of Jewish Week and Ha'aretz, charged that there was the "possible existence of flows of cash and indirect support from Lauder to Netanyahu's political activities." The article was bolstered by the staff-swapping between Lauder and Netanyahu, including the Prime Minister's loaning of his 1996 American campaign strategist, Arthur Finkelstein, who then served as Lauder's consultant during Lauder's failed 1989 run for the New York Mayor's office.

    The 1996 article, and the 1999 Jewish Week article about the Philadelphia money laundering, both spotlighted Lauder's boss role with the rightist think-tank, von Hayek feudalist economics propaganda unit and Likud campaign nest, the Shalem Center in Jerusalem.

    Lauder was Shalem Center's chairman, founder and funder. Shalem's executive director and fund-raiser Steven Schneier, worked as an aide on Netanyahu's campaign, raising money for the Likud. But Schneier was previously the paid full-time director of Philadelphia lawyer Steven Friedman and Menachem Atzmon's tax-exempt charity, the "IDF." From 1990 to 1994, leading up to and immediately after Netanyahu's primary campaign, Schneier received a total of $220,000 from IDF.

    Then in 1994, Ron Lauder contributed $36,415 to Steven Friedman's other Philadelphia tax-exempt front, the "Israel Research Foundation." In 1995 and 1996, Friedman's Schneier went on the payroll of Lauder's Shalem Center—where he worked for the Likud election campaign.

    Both the "IDF" and the "IRF" tax-exempt charities were dissolved on the same day in 1997.

    Mortimer Zuckerman: real estate kingpin, media baron, promoter of Likud and war. Zuckerman owns U.S. News & World Report weekly magazine, and the New York Daily News. In his own U.S. News column, he agitates for war against Saudi Arabia and other targets of Sharon's rage. Zuckerman's Boston Properties firm owns nearly 150 expensive offices—including Citicorp Center, hotels, and industrial sites in Boston, Manhattan, San Francisco, and Washington.

    Zuckerman is a director of "Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces."

    A few years ago, the powerful media boss sought the honor of succeeding Ron Lauder as chairman of Council of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CPMAJO), to take over in 2001 when Lauder's term as chairman was to end. In Jewish organizational circles, this position is known familiarly as "King of the Jews." But Mort Zuckerman ran into trouble. It seems his marriage to a non-Jew, art curator Marla Prather, was deemed non-Kosher by the racists in the Council. This was disposed of: in Summer 2000, Zuckerman divorced Prather. He was advanced to the head of the line of candidates, and took over as CPMAJO chairman in July, 2001.

    Morton Klein: president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), a right-wing lobby and Likud promotion agency. ZOA campaigned actively against the peace policies of Israel's Rabin government, as part of the U.S.-based agitation which led to Rabin's assassination. Among Klein's financial backers are Moscowitz, and leading supporters of the Meyer Kahane and Kach Party terrorists.

    In July, 2001, U.S. intervention moved Israel to block a catastrophic religious provocation at Jerusalem's Temple Mount. The next day—July 30, 2001—Armageddonist "Evangelicals" and their right-wing Jewish Zionist allies converged on the White House. Klein and other participants in that secretive meeting later told EIR that the "end-timers" conveyed a chilling blackmail message to President Bush: approve an all-out war on Palestinians by the Israeli regime, or your Evangelical Christian political supporters will desert you. They said, according to the participants, that there are about 70 million Evangelical Christians. If only 10% of them are solidly behind the extremists settlers' agenda, that is an enormous force that could swing the balance of U.S. political power and destroy the Bush Presidency.

    Others at the White House that day, meeting Bush liaison Tim Goeglein, included representatives of Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network, the "International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem"; end-of-the-world sects seeking to rebuild Solomon's Temple; and a Jewish ally of Klein's. The same day, before delivering their blackmail message, the group met at a luncheon with Sharon's Ambassador David Ivry, to discuss what they would tell the Bush Administration.

    Joe Marmelstein: New York watch importer and big Likud donor. Marmelstein is affiliated with the end-timesAteret Cohanim, and with JDL terrorist circles, according to sources.

    Why did Netanyahu provoke Muslim horror and anger by opening the tunnel at the Temple Mount? The Miami Herald reported, "Sources in Netanyahu's Likud and former Labor government officials cite a political payoff to several key American campaign contributors, including Irving Moscowitz, one of the top bankrollers of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, American watch importer Joe Marmelstein and Canadian Mark Belzberg [who] pressured Netanyahu to open the tunnel."

    Rose Mattus: ice cream empress and funder of thugs in America and Israel. She and her late husband made a fortune from owning the Scandinavian-sounding Haagen Dazs ice cream company. A heavy contributor to the Likud, Rose Mattus was an early sponsor of Rabbi Meyer Kahane, founder of the terrorist Jewish Defense league. She reportedly opposed Kahane's move to Israel, but is a leading sponsor of the memorialization of the genocide-promoting Kahane as a Jewish hero.

    Aish HaTorah organization: Likud money conduit and propaganda agency. Posing as an Orthodox Jewish religious group, Aish HaTorah is a sophisticated psychological center garnering major contributions for the Likud/extreme right apparatus. Among important donors are actor Kirk Douglas and talk show host Larry King. Aish HaTorah's headquarters is in East Jerusalem, and it has offices in New York and Los Angeles. According to the Israeli Labor Party's current General Secretary, Knesset Member Ofir Pines-Paz, Aish HaTorah is suspected of acting as a secret channel illegally funding Netanyahu.

    Aish HaTorah runs HonestReporting.com, a McCarthyite Internet police organization created to attack American critics of the Likud war policies. This operation mobilized hard and fast to kill the 2001 "Israeli art students" espionage scandal related to the Sept. 11 attacks, after that story was broken by EIR and by Fox News in December 2001.

    One aspect of the Aish HaTorah money flow is the group's Jerusalem Fund, created in 1992 in conjunction with Jersualem Mayor Ehud Olmert. It is part of Olmert's complex of dirty-money Likud front organizations, including his own New Jerusalem Fund, which raises political cash from Armageddon-seeking Christians in America.
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