swiftel exceeds projections!

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    Swiftel Limited DSL Division exceeded projections for the month of August and is showing substantial growth for the first two months of the 1st Quarter of 2004 FY. There were over 1100 new users signed in August, up from 800 in July. The number of ADSL users activated on the Swiftel network has increased to over 3,500. Swiftel has now passed the halfway mark in achieving its goal of 7000 users by December 2003.

    The Melbourne DSL operation has been installed and running successfully and applications are now being received from Melbourne customers. The move into Brisbane has been brought forward and is expected to be commissioned by mid October.

    This will allow Swiftel to have its DSL operations in every major Australian capital city, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth well before the previous scheduled completion time of December.

    For further information please contact Chris Gale or Mark Hansen. Alternatively, visit www.swiftel.com.au

    Mark Hansen
    Investor Relations Consultant
    Telephone +618 9321 0219
    [email protected]

    Chris Gale
    Managing Director
    Telephone +618 9480 1222
    [email protected]


    Swiftel provides a premium, high speed, high bandwidth, optical telecommunications network for business and government throughout Australia. The network integrates advanced high-capacity fibre-optic cable with state-of-the-art switching technology to support a carrier grade IP network and emerging technologies.

    The products range from Broadband ADSL Services, High Speed Managed Services, Co-Location, Data Storage as well as fixed line and mobile voice services.
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