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    Sabretoothed, what a fractious old feline you are!

    While I guess it’s true that Swiftel is speculative and relatively illiquid compared with most blue chips, I don’t see that as a lynchin’ crime, necessarily. Because there are fewer shares on issue, and the company has a fairly tight registry (with the Directors prominent holders), the flipside ADVANTAGE to prospective buyers should be fairly obvious as well.

    Your claim that “SWT never was able to do it in the peak of the tech boom it could not really run over 50c” is a bit rough, given that at the beginning of 2000 the successful data business Swiftel has subsequently gone on to become was little more than a gleam in CEO Chris Gale’s eye! As I recall, the Perth CBD loop was not even completed until long after the bubble burst. Yet Swiftel has gone on to become a successful business where, as you observe, others have failed - expanding most recently into the Sydney market!

    I would have to say that there are fewer problems than you so cattily point out!
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