swap howard for sadham ????

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    Yeah Iraq is a great place,just can't wait to swap Sadham for Howard.Their system is great.I just love the smell of anthrax in the morning.....DON'T YOU ?.I hope you know I am joking.

    Why ,why,why are we sucking the poo from Sadham's a r s e.Let's get rid of the scum bag and free those poor people in Iraq.I realize that the next ruler might be the same but we have to try.I am sure if Sadham was top dog in Australia I would be praying to every God there was to free me and my family.

    Perhaps we are just becoming a tad too civilized and educated.We think we can talk things through...you know,rational thinking.While we are talking Sadham is laughing and planning how destroy as many westerners as he can.Hitler started destroying books first then people.Sadham has skipped the books and gone straight into destroyng people .

    Don't forget when Sadham swaps places with Howard Hot Copper will close down.

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