CNP 0.00% 4.0¢ cnpr group

swap does not know anything about shares.

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    I am sorry about the heading but i need somethoing cathcy for most posters to read.
    I am sorry swap but it seems to me you are just like the rest of CNP holders . Optimistic about CNP. This may be fine but surely there comes a point as an investor where the sheer fact of developing events would prompt you to sell and become unattached to your investment. When do you draw a line in the sand and say to yourselfe that CNP is almost insolvent , a basket case. You are drawing a lot of naive people to hold on to CNP. I held CNP until 10 C then bailed out. I for one do not know or offer as much insight into a stock as you do . If i did i would have bailed even earlier. Enough nonsense.
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