swannie were anout to crack 200 billion

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    Total Commonwealth Government Securities
    on Issue - $196,040m

    consisting of:
    Treasury Bonds - $170,192m
    Treasury Indexed Bonds - $13,729m
    Treasury Notes - $12,100m
    Other Securities - $20m

    As at 10 June 2011
    Updated weekly
    Face value amounts rounded to the nearest million



    Thanks for leaving my kids and their kids such a massive debt to pay back with interest.

    You are the clowns of the century.

    Average of 4.74% interest.

    196,040,000,000 x 4.74% = 9 Billion, 292 Million, 296 Thousand dollars EVERY YEAR just in interest.

    You bunch of dogs, you've sent us down the tubes!

    More and more interest, without any hope of paying back the principal without massive cutbacks in government services and massive tax hikes.

    Welcome to the ALP version of Australia - IT SUCKS.
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