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    So what do people think about the latest revelations labelled against swan that he allegedly is up to no good. Im sure Wilson must have the some good sources and that it was checked with the lawyers before she printed her article.

    All I will say as an Eagles supporter that where there is smoke there is fire and most people apart from Leanne accept that drugs are a big part of society and that the AFL isn’t immune to their influences.

    Be interesting to see what comes of this and if Collingwood will sack swan it would be a bold move but it could be the right move. It also proves that the AFL’s 3 strike policy is way too lenient and that maybe a one warning system seeds to be in play to get tuff and stamp this out of the game.

    Allegations have also been levelled at other high profile players we have discussed the rumours on here previously seems to be a big problem in the off season when these guys have a allot of free time and allot of cash

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