swan blames coal mining stopped for aus slump

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    Swan blames Coal mining stopped as reason Aus stuffed


    Swann blames coal mining stopped (because of summer cyclones and floods on east coast) as reason for our economic crash

    "We expected to take a very big hit, and we did" says Swan

    Hello! hello! Any-one home Wayne?

    No coal mining = no economy... get it!

    This is how you and the Greens and Labor will fix Global warming with your Global warm-mongers "NO" to coal and the Greens policy on NO mining in Australia

    Our economy is now hanging from a "recession precipous" by our fingernails

    This is really what global warm-mongers want?... a trashed economy?

    I surely think Labors back-benchers are sweating their little butts off

    Can they now begin to see what Labor and Green policies will do to Australians lives?

    No exports = no overseas income

    Is the penny dropping yet?

    Are they such a blind bunch of dills in Labor to not see what the rest of Australia have been telling them?

    This is an "accidental" yet alarming glimpse of an Australia economy under Greens and Gillard's carbon tax to force coal closure and their destructive mining tax

    Where will our overseas income come from??... Hey??... selling beads and shell necklaces to rich Asian tourists?

    A Gillard/Brown/Green banana republic... twenty years almost to the date from the last Labor banana republic

    Another "Labor destroyed" wretched economy brought on by economic destitutes Gillard Swan Brown and the mumbling bumbling Labor benches

    Green and Labors Global warming nonsense... more dangerous to Australian families than any cyclonic tempest

    The "right thing" to do??

    Gillard doesn't know what's the "right thing"

    Step down... Call an election...

    The Australian voters will show you what's the right thing to do for Australia

    And you "will" be told in no uncertain terms

    Gone for another twenty years

    My opinions
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