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    Did you small a rat when working for the Co?
    Have we traced who signed off for the announcements that were and traced their source...or maybe just everyone wanted to believe the best?
    This is the first time in 40 years of investing that I have been caught by what appears to be intentional mis-information so for me it is a great learning exercise.The downrampers at the time claim prescience but on reviewing the comments it's hard to give them support unless you knew the company was issuing misinformation.

    I was partly blind-sided by Smoking Joe's professional reputation,but I suspect he is bleeding badly as well and it doesn't look good on his CV.So if a man like Smok'n Joe gets caught- someone with huge life experience- I can only think that he placed his trust in the wrong people also.

    So blaming doesn't get us anywhere but self reflection is valuable.You reflections will be valued.

    Fotune Favours the informed- most of the time!
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