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suspicious the way they sold thr shares to wdr

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    Well looking back on many things here like the way they deferred Deflector then Sold it, followed by them,BTV selling their interests in THR at approx. at 20 Cents per Share to WDR,which looks Suspicious, One would perhaps need to be careful here because under the 'Terms of Agreement' BTV does have an out position at virtually no Cost to it and then if BTV do go ahead with this H.O.A. they wont have much Cash left in their Bank after handing over $10,000,000 and having to issue 150,000,000 BTV Shares in the near future to the present owners of the Leases plus more BTV Issues will then be needed to do some exploration after the present Wet Season in the N.T.
    It's amazing how WDR paid BTV approx.20 Cents per Share for BTV's THR Shares and PERHAPS it MAY have been to help BTV become interested in the Ropar Bar area and 'shore up' WDR's own position at Roper Bar by having another explorer become somewhat active in the neighbouring Leases which WDR may not have been not that interested in anyway.

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