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suspension lift

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    I thought we were supposed to get jv news before coming out of suspension. the invalidity of the suspension has been proven. Nkwe were protecting the sp. One would have thought the suspension would be more pertinent now ? But now nkwe pretend they are like all other coys and continue negotiating on the open market.

    Susan also mentioned there would be a shake up of the establishment maybe this is the thing she is referring to and that specifically Anglo/arm won't get it their way. I would like to believe that nobody can touch us now but the mining right doesn't effect the underlying dispute and will a reasonable contest be able to be lodged before we start mining within 12 months with our soon to be announced jv partner?
    Also wouldn't pl and co have bought more shares today on market if they knew the jv was more than a month out? Whatever their time restrictions are in relation to price sensitive announcements.
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