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hottuna, CuDeco is a survivor and the landscape is changing in...

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    CuDeco is a survivor and the landscape is changing in this downturn in the mining industry. It does provide great opportunities for those companies like CuDeco that come through this crisis. That is how major mining houses begin. The strong are there to seize their opportunities. Glencore is a prime example when it absorbed Mt Isa Mines in a downturn.
    It is too late in the cycle for many of the junior explorers to get their projects off the ground. Many will wither and go out of existence for lack of funding to continue exploration. One asks the question who would risk investing in a junior explorer right now ? : not me.
    The Rocklands project will not falter for lack of funds. As explained to whalewatcher, CuDeco has 4 million tonnes of primary sulphide ore it could sell to Glencore . CuDeco was approached by Glencore seeking ore supply for its underutilised Ernest Henry plant. CuDeco has decided not to sell any further ore to Glencore . No sales- no problem. CuDeco's decision. There are more fish in the sea of varying sizes.
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