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Whalewatcher, For some reason my last post did not go through so...

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    For some reason my last post did not go through so I am reposting and adding to it.
    The shipment to Ernest Henry of primary sulphide ore was in the announcement of 14/10/14 .
    " Any further agreements for ore supply and concentrate purchase will be based on increased mining for supply ,in addition to the 3 mtpa to be processed at CuDeco's Rocklands processing facility.
    CuDeco is in the final stages of its 3 million tonne per annum mineral processing plant facility under a turnkey EPC contract with China's State owned Sinosteel Corporation. Current mining is over 30,000 tonnes per day . CuDeco has the capacity and ability to accelerate mining from 3mtpa to supply a further 2-3 million tonnes of ore to third parties".
    Further to this ,the announcement of the 24/11/14 advises of the availability of 4 million tonnes of easily accessible sulphide primary ore if favourable long term agreements for sale are reached with third parties [ or until prior commissioning of the processing plant ] ".
    From this, it is apparent that their is no shortage of primary sulphide ore to ship to Glencore's Ernest Henry.
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