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    Before someone trys to ramp-up the current trading volume of shares, I think it should be seen in context.

    IMO, I don't think there are many people left that really care about the future prospects of this company. Therefore, I believe the current sales volumes are due to current holders buying for the purposes of avgeraging-down.

    Once the price reaches an individual's break-even price, they will sell. Therefore, I expect that even if the SP manages to climb (oh, now there is wishful thinking), it will be kept/dragged-down by the selling preasure of those holders that are trying to break-even.

    But I am sure the current management will put a positive spin on this and try to portray it as "the market sees value in the company, this is why the volume has picked-up, because it's a great buy at these prices".

    Fore warrned is fore armed!!!
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