survey.. who's missing out

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    I wander in and out of the daytraders thread, and drop in on RXL/SiR/AZS threads to name a few and feel that I'M MISSING OUT. I'M NOT HAPPY JAN!

    Here I am, holding my researched and bought small portfolio swinging wildly by -5% to +5% monthly. There more than a few lemons held optimistically since GLC 1 and 2.

    Am I alone in feeling Im missing out? I once was a gambler of sorts and pennys burnt me badly a few years ago. Geez Im tempted

    Click if you are a big fat scaredy girl/boy who is missing out. Maybe you are gifted and have the midas touch. GL to you. GL to all of us.

    Sentiment is changing. Green shoots 2013???

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