surge in price.

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    No HC member can say today's price increase and volume was unexpected.

    Nor - hopefully - should anyone be suprised with AVL to 16/20 cents by the end of the month.

    A "reverse ambush" or reverse dump has been on the cards for some time.

    Bill Turner's promotion of AVL has been well thought out and delivered "when the time is right"

    Have anticipated a coming together of stage 2, obtaining finances, profit increasing with stage 1, and quarterly report would result in an awakened interest in AVL.

    Nuttie is right to be anti issue of options to staff - or anyone else - but unfortunately that is how things go.
    We hope - and the past has been a reasonable guide - that management will show restraint in granting easy options - rights - share alocations.
    Bill Turner indicates he too is not keen to have too many "give aways" as they reduce the value of his holdings too.

    If - as I have boringly predicted - AVL shares reach in excess of 16 cents this month then ---------
    Hopefully my forecast of 50 cents by the end of Feb 2004 will also be close to the mark.

    AVL "-- making mountains out of molehills will change to building castles in the air".
    And AVL's share price will move in resonance.


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