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Surely Something Big is Coming?

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    I cannot believe anything else but Good to Great news is coming next week!
    At the end of the day Unilife is a great story, but more important than that is the story that's being told behind the scenes to those that count!
    The appt of Sellers and the CFO are critical in the telling of the story I believe!
    Surely it's the story being told that has prompted the CR to be over subscribed by 4x?
    I mean considering all of the great announcements that have been made in the last 2 years in particular, we have seen very little change in the SP!
    With that said even though we had the Abbvie and Flexitronics announcements (which are exciting) very little has changed
    Re the SP when looking at it over a couple or so years!
    But the appt of the above two gentlemen is the big game changer with their pedigree, experience, respect within the business world and especially their contacts and influence, etc etc!!
    In conjunction with the CEO and his team, these guys are the icing on the cake that has been missing and credit where credits due obviously must go to the CEO and his team of trusted advisers!
    I'm expecting the story being told to the right people, by the right people, is a great one and I believe next weeks announcements will be a big part of the story, hence the rapid rise in the SP, and the strength in the SP after the CR!
    I've been wrong before, and this is my gut feel and my experience as a financial planner for 25 years before I pulled up stumps!!
    But after chewing on this for the last few days I can't see anything else coming out but good to great news!!
    I would love to see some comments from the much more intelligent guys and gals out there as to their thinking on my assumptions??
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