supreme post-morality

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    Supreme post-morality

    Homosixuality has always been, to some extent, an Apollonian death cult. As safe-six advocates learned to their despair, flirting with destruction is a fundamental aspect of the homosixual ethos, because the very real possibility of receiving a beating or worse is the heart of the masochistic titillation inherent to the cruising vocation.

    Unfortunately, by insisting on the fabrication of a constitutional right to engage in same-six relations, homosixuals have now opened the door to a Pandora's box that will wreak havoc on sixual and familial relationships across America, and contribute to the acceleration of America's decline into decadence and ultimate bondage.

    Homosixuals have long argued that their private behavior has no effect on the vast majority of the population that is normally oriented, and though arguable, this is a reasonably defensible position. But by using the Supreme Court to achieve their aims instead of the state legislatures, the homosixual movement has sown a wind that will reap a devastating whirlwind that will, in the long term, destroy it.

    Since the Supreme Court, in its inimitable lack of foresight, has decided to expand the fictitious right to "privacy" that it invented in Roe v. Wade, it will now be impossible to legislate against any behavior that can be reasonably described as consensual. How can a state possibly defend statutes against prostitution, when the transaction is made between two consenting adults in private? How can a state defend its laws against incest, bigamy, polygamy or bestiality, as long as such acts are committed outside the public view?

    They can't – not anymore. Because of the self-serving manner in which the judicial system gives precedence to its own decisions over statutory law, anyone challenging a law against prostitution or any of these behaviors long held to be socially deviant will simply need to cite Lawrence v. Texas in order to trump whatever case has been built by the prosecuting state.

    If the justices of the Supreme Court were not so manifestly thoughtless with regard to the logical consequences of their actions, you would suspect they were intentionally trying to destroy the social fabric of the nation.

    While the wisdom of attempting to support morality through legislation can be rightly questioned, preventing such attempts on specious grounds when they are the expressed will of the majority in support of centuries-old tradition is deranged foolishness of the kind seldom encountered throughout history. One does not have to believe that prostitution, or any of these other activities, should be illegal to recognize that making them government-protected rights are likely to lead to serious negative repercussions for the entire society as it spirals into full-blown decadence.

    The war on tradition, morality and civilization will not end here. Without a change of at least one justice on this renegade Supreme Court, the worst since the Warren era, we will soon see the concept of marriage redefined, completing the destruction of the family that began with the so-called sixual revolution, Roe v. Wade and the easing of divorce laws. Lawrence v. Texas is not a cause, it is merely a symptom, but it is a warning sign of a fatal disease.

    Post-moral tradition-hating libertines might do well to pause in the midst of their celebrations to consider this. Cultural embrace of homosixuality is a late-stage pre-imperial phenomenon. Once the republic collapses, which will surely happen within the next 200 years if the Roman example is any guide, and a lot sooner if Alan Greenspan doesn't kick off before he completely destroys the global financial system, a harsh anti-libertine reaction will take place, one without the traditional moral constraints that were dismantled over the last 100 years.

    The American Augustus will be no friend to freedom, but he will also view libertine decadence as cultural weakness, thus an impediment to the national greatness that will be his monument to himself. And he will stamp it out, as ruthlessly as did Hitler and Stalin before him. The infamous closet of old will look like a paradise in comparison.

    The basic family structure has survived for thousands of years, across cultural and religious boundaries. It has always destroyed its competitors, probably because it is rooted in the most basic human instincts. It will also survive this latest assault, but I suspect the inevitable backlash that will restore it again to unquestioned supremacy will be ugly. There is seldom an action without an eventual reaction.

    I enjoyed reading Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I'm not, however, taking much pleasure in watching the sequel unfold before my eyes.
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