supposed shortage of housing explained

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    im sure that you guys were discussing this before but i ran into some old articles on this and,considering that you guys are still not totaly convinced that it is nothing else but a made up 'fluke' i did some clicking to find out the source for myself (helped by some links provided by our guru and mentor and a HERO kris sayce)

    story turns out that in 2009 body called "National Housing Supply Council" issued government sponsored report on housing needs of Oz !

    (the link to that report is.....

    note that it is government site 'cose report was done for the government! that report they state(page 65)that :

    there are number of possible indicators of the present gap of supply and demand. in estimating the gap the council has selected:

    1) number of homeless housholds sleeping rough
    2) number of homeless housholds sharing accomodation with friend or relatives
    3)number of marginal residents in caravan parks AND

    4)the difference between present rental vacanct rent and that recquired to clear the normal volume of new letting transactions (which btw. is 3%)

    that means, they have come up to a number of "shortage of 85 000 dwellings" in Australia by counting homeless AND by calculating (this is important): HOW MANY dwellings do we have to build in Australia in order to achieve 3% VACANCY FOR RENTING, which is considered confortable buffer in the industry !

    that means that they literally asked RE Agents what number they want printed!

    if RE agents told they that comfortable buffer is 5% the number would be almost double !

    if RE Agents said 1% there would be NO SHORTAGE !

    (page 6 of the report shows the table 4.4 which was used to calculate THE SHORTAGE !)

    laughable, you say ?

    at least, if not criminal !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (and paid for by serve vested interests!)

    p.s. most members in the 'council' sould be looked upon as having vested interest (developers,builders, pollies with mates...)
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