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    Hi guys
    This is my first post.
    I have been holding since pre SARB days.
    Just wanted to let you know that you are all doing a great job.STMTS,stured,bungi2,garnoff,criss77,c3749c,aussiebryan,robmillion all of you !
    I believe in RES and have ridden the ups and downs.
    I bought on the way up ...and like others..bought on the way down!
    I am here for the long haul.Your posts have helped give me a laugh and confidence and helped me enjoy the ride so far.
    Your posts have made me feel like we are all one big family here on RES.
    This business re the late selling has prompted me to speak out and let you know you have my support as well and I will be forwarding a complaint also.
    I just wanted all the other users reading this post,who have never said 'G'day" on this forum to finally come out from the wilderness and show your support for RES.
    This is a good stock and deserves to be treated better by all.
    Look forward to seeing you all in "first class" for a drink one day!
    In the words of Stured "Go RES GO !"
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