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    Mr E Abetz has worries about the Govts super policy..................

    No doubt there will changes before the legislation passes both houses. And it will.

    The reform around Superannuation is about the fairest govt measure that could be taken against its own voter base.
    Post 2007 there was real inequity in Superannuation. There were some people who had large balances in Super in pension phase. They were free of tax. That cost the govt greatly in loss of revenue.
    Then there were very schemes for getting cash into super, both concessional and non-concessional. And also very generous TTR schemes.
    These superannuants were hit hard in the GFC when their balances were savaged.
    And another GFC may come.
    All this amounts to a savage attack by the LNP on its voter base. An unprecendented attack.
    It took a govt with enormous guts to do this.

    10 3 elections, 2 GFCs, a few Mr Rudds, Mr Abbotts ......a lot can happen, and usually does
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