sunrise in iraq

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    Iraq's sun will rise tomorrow
    Posted on 12/7/2004 10:26:56 PM

    By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

    Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

    A DEMOCRATICALLY-elected President has assumed office in Kabul in a grand ceremony attended by most of the world leaders or their representatives. All of them were witness to the operations in Afghanistan, from the day the first bullet was fired to liberate that country from the darkness of Taleban to the bright day when Hamid Karzai was sworn in. Karzai is the first elected president of Afghanistan, which has come out of its sleep to a new day in the real world. We want to ask those who support terrorism, where is the Taleban? Where are bin Laden and al-Zawahri? Where are Mulla Omar and that unknown religious man who claimed to be wearing the clothes of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

    These were the people who claimed Americans won't stay in Afghanistan. They said the Mujahideen of Taleban won't allow Americans to stay in peace. These people were fond of saying Afghans won't approve the US occupation of their country and will defeat them. What is the reality? What are we seeing now in Afghanistan? We don't see birds of night any longer. What we see is a modern country governed by an elected President. We see free women moving around with dignity. Now the Afghans know they are a part of the international community. In Afghanistan we see the future of Iraq, which will be in a much better shape because it has qualified and trained manpower, and vast natural resources.

    Both Afghanistan and Iraq are similar in a variety of ways. In Afghanistan the opposition powers had been terrorising innocent Afghans for a long time until they were defeated and were afraid of the laws of a powerful country. An example of this was when a terrorist group, which kidnapped three UN workers released them after realising they were standing against a powerful country. Afghanistan has woken up but where are the Americans who helped that country to wake up? The opposition in Afghanistan accused US troops of occupying their country. Kuwait is now free, but where are the US troops which liberated this country. The truth is after completing their task they went away. They are not interfering in internal affairs of Kuwait. Some of our MPs criticise the US forces even now.

    Maybe these MPs think they liberated Kuwait without the assistance of anyone else. The only people who are going to feel bad are those who are silly and others who describe what is happening in Iraq as "national resistance." These people will be sad because they will see Iraq better than Afghanistan. They will see a democratic country in their land but won't be able to do anything against it. May be like the Fallujah terrorists who escaped from that city, these people will run away to an unknown place. If there was Tora Bora in Iraq they will run there. But we know there is no Tora Bora in Iraq.

    Iraq shares borders with Syria and in the future these two countries will find cooperating with the international community is much more than monitoring the movements of terrorists in their territories. Afghanistan has woken up with the assistance of the international community. Soon Iraq's dream of becoming an oriental state will come true with the assistance of the same international community which helped Afghanistan. This is an example for those who want to play with regional issues to gain some personal benefits.

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