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    sunkist wrote
    Hello Dave R

    Let's engage in some rational thoughts.

    Being fine Australian and considering muslim religion completly incompatible as you do, would you be so kind and answer one question please :

    Why spend the money by chasing muslims in Iraq and create milions of refugees, who will with time, knock on the Australian door.

    Wouldn't it be more rational to spend this money here, on few more state of the art patrol boats to make sure none of the muslims gets into Australia ?

    Rational shalom Dave


    thank you for the Jewish peace wishes even though I am not Jewish.
    But I think you should have stuck with the copy and pastes when it comes to rational thought.

    1) The muslim religion, by it's own teachings, is incompatible with anything which is not Muslim.

    2) A short war in Iraq should not create refugees, quite the opposite. A Saddam free Iraq should be a much better place in which all it's citizens can live without fear. Perhaps even some of the muslims who have fled to Australia from muslim countries might like to emigrate there. I doubt it though, too good here.

    3) We probably have enough patrol boats.

    Dave R.
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