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    Morning all,

    Just arrived back after an early start so just catching up on the read of am posts. It is all quite simple really. The expectation level for SBN has been decimated after the FDA saga and a poor Q2 2007 report .This can happen with stocks but low cap stocks in reality take a lot longer to rebound or restore confidence levels when it does. The reasons for this I would hope are unbundantly obvious! The market processes this by showing little interest in a company until something tangible is completed or happens. It becomes inert to third party news or speculation despite the indication of huge potential. Those on HC have a rough idea of what is happening in China, Mexico and the US, courtsey of the many and varied information pieces posted on this forum but without formal confirmation,we are simply not going to buy the price although it would clearly appear to be very low as a function of its instrinsic potential. This will continue imho until we hear any one of the folowing-:

    1. Regulatory approval given to China JV partner
    2. Increased sales numbers indicating substantial change in
    company fortunes
    3. Positive announcement by Mexican Govt re school DDP
    3. FDA clearance for either saliva or urine based devices
    4. Sale of Shockrounds for a sum in excess of $1m or an
    outcome re Avitar
    5. Announcement re relaese of Oraline 8 and/or new
    hybrids of Oraline that can detect a greater range of
    drugs ie 8 panel

    Any of these events apart from the Shockrounds and Avitar outcome have the real potential to drive the company to a SP considerably higher than where it currently sits.It will happen but only when the market identifies some real tangibles, confirmed through the appropriate channels. The market is simply no longer interested in extrapolations and/or hope. It wants to see fact!

    Good to observe the spirited dialogoe on HC. Certainly not boring but those that hold, are wanting the same outcome. The Captain like many of us are struggling to reconcile what is being said on forum such as HC with the current SP. I do understand his/her frustration although. The flow of information from the likes of Vintage, GSW and others is invaluable and much appreciated by everyone but in terms of market perspective, SBN holders need to hear this stuff confirmed from official parties ie Chinese and Mexico Govt etc. When that happens, perception and confidence will return quickly with the focus of new players on the SBN business model and the SP will move and I would hasten to add under such conditions, quite swiftly. The postnote to the above is that in times of uncertainty and economic slowdown, suddenly appearing on the radar of more sophisticated investors are small cap, non discretionary companies that display genuine growth prospects. I am hoping that over the next 6 months, SBN will be mandated as such a prospect but as with all things unfortunately, time will tell!


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