Suicide, my last post

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    What i've learnt from 6 yeasrs full time trading,

    1. if the Australian stockmarket doesnt kill you, incompetent brokerage services will. As Rivkin has done to me for the last 3 trading days running.

    2. No one has anymore knowledge about economics than l do, and l never went to any of the gay congrigation colleges you have to go to to get a job on collins st.

    3. Every service provider you will deal with is a lier plain and simple. from Telstra to ISP's to data suppliers, brokerage services etc. you name it they will just let you down. l lost my house because of Telstra. Thanks.

    4. When you take a profit on one stock, the next trade will cancel it, so you make nothing.

    5. the same forces are at work in Australia and the US and everywhere else as they are in Japan, 20 years from now our stupid stockmarket will be worth less than it is now. in value i mean, they will always make the index look good. How can the XAO be where it is when NCP AMP LLC BIL TLS have lost so much BHP hasnt moved in what, 8 years? look at AXA l sold out of that dog years ago and it hasnt moved at all.

    6. Bank stocks are the worst risk you could ever take right now. but who cares they keep going up.

    the list is endless. F .k Australia i say. What a dump

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