suicide bombings appear to be working

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    Abnormal behavior borne of abnormal conditions. Scott Akron, a leading scientist at the U of Michigan states that " It is the general consensus that martyrs hate democracy or are crazies -- this is not true". In this sundays new york times, he goes on to state that because of the abnormal conditions ( read isreali brutality over a 50 year period) communities now embrace the infrastructure required in the making of bombs, that there will never be enough bombs to arm the number of eager bombers, and that soon we can expect videotapes of bombings to be aired on tv ( probably to wild applause in certain communities around the world .) An apocolyptic read, i bet there are millions of isrealis wondering how they are going to get out of this mess. And yes, the US and oz will eventually experience the same kind of thing probably. bring em on says yak -- well here they come
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