Suggested new advertising feature

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    We all tolerate advertising on the site, but only just. I have a suggestion for some advertising related information that I would find really useful and that would benefit other members and give HC a bit of income. Only a bit.

    Suggestion is to provide a board/listing that lists in useful categories ALL known share related software and services. There can't be that many of them, and the Products and Services board would be where members would notify of a new one they had found. (Woops, no Products and Services board any more! Oh well, you do need one I reckon).

    Now this directory would become a first port of call for everyone when thinking of buying/upgrading their software or data provider etc. Categories would include:

    Portfolio Mgmt Software
    Charting Software
    Trading systems
    Download Services
    On-Line brokers
    Talking brokers

    The style would be like the yellow pages, so that if a company wants to advertise they can, and they get more prominance, but every known product gets at least the minimal one line and associated contact details.

    I reckon this could become a very well known "sevice" and would increase HC profile.
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