Suggested Coalition spill, in perspective?

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    The suggested spill on Tuesday has the "wolves" howling in the wilderness!!

    Not a large pack, but no doubt a couple who think they should be leader of the pack!!
    And a couple of "stragglers " who have a guts ache from something they ate!!

    Now a 7News-ReachTEL poll says.  that
    "The 7News-ReachTEL poll of 3502 people taken on Thursday night put support for a Tony Abbott-led government at 45 per cent to Labor's 55 per cent.
    But asked how they would vote if Mr Turnbull was prime minister instead of Mr Abbott, 54 per cent said they would support the coalition to Labor's 46 per cent."

    All this "howling" is based on 3502 people, not even suggesting voters.

    Less put that in perspective!!
    This suggests that with no policy change, the Coalition will be more popular!! By 10%, now that's calculated maths!!
    Same "calculator" used by Wayne Swan!!
    So that supports there is not much wrong with the policy's? or does it not!

    It appears the left media have been chasing blood. Originally Peta Credlin, then Tony Abbott and now again they have devised away to do away with both. Surely if Tony Abbott goes, they will be calling for Peta Credlin's demise!!

    Now for a comment on voters answering polls!!!
    "The voting population that we’re able to sample is incredibly fickle. We’re sure their political leanings are driven by something but what, exactly, we’re not sure."

    Now for two comments from  the public!!
    1 "Prime minister Abbott is once again being underestimated by his critics, as they usually do, because they continue to believe that the Liberal party will unseat a sitting Prime Minister in his first term. History shows that the Liberal party has never done this to any first term Prime Minister and will not do so now. The Liberal party will give the Prime Minister time to implement his changed policies he announced at the national press club address.  Remember, the Prime Minister`s critics believed that he would never handle the Indonesian spying crisis, but he did, with quiet diplomacy, in dialogue with the Indonesian President and strong measured leadership, he further enhanced the relationship with Indonesia. He then continued to confound his critics on the foreign policy front, calling out the Russians when an aircraft was downed. His resounding achievements in several free trade agreements with the assistance of Julie Bishop and Andrew Robb. Tony Abbott, in the face of a challenge to his leadership, due to mainly the QLD election fallout, is once again demonstrating a strong and measured approach to unite his colleagues. Despite polling, Liberal voters and the wider public will not wear another removal of a sitting Prime Minister in his first term. Mainstream Australians consider this toxic, and the Federal Parliamentary Liberty party is fully aware of what will happen to them too if they do it."

    2 "All beware of Turncoat Turnbull. He's a lefty in liberal colours. His ego is bigger than the Grand Canyon and although he's resourceful - people don't like when you let them know you're the smartest person in the room."

    Yes I can imagine Tony is up early today "warming up"!
    First a bike ride, then weights and finally the "big" punching bag!!
    What Tony Abbott has always "thrived on," is a political brawl!!
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