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    Hi Grant,

    quick bit of speculation as I fly past.

    Todays AFR reports that Summer movies look to be going to outperform last years record showings based on early figures with Harry Potter opening to a $10+million weekend and $14million to Wednesday, Lord of the Rings and the latest James Bond still to come.

    As we know, its already a warm Summer and more to come, the kids are going to be out doors etc and not in front of TV's.

    Last week I saw several articles reporting on Channel Nines new sales 'Dream Team' - Kerry and James Packer doing the rounds.

    Of course, it occurred to me at the time to wonder whether air time was all that Kerry would find to talk about with the nations leading media buyers et al.

    Add to this advertising recent intense focus on targetted mediums and you have a reasonable case to suspect TMS via Val Morgan could be experiencing a useful surge in advertising bookings and hence revenue.

    If so it would be a most favourable conjuncture of circumstances as Kerry would certianly be far better placed to influence some media spend on the - now principlly Australian - exposure of Val Morgan than would have been the case with its worldwide operations...

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