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successful test

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    It's good news that the CLIS has retreived information and had it's first successful run. It could be good timing too as the 6 month Haliburton contract expires this week.

    More news to come?

    25 FEBRUARY 2008
    • Field tests carried out with support of Halliburton DBS in Oman
    • CLIS Core Log Report software provides detailed core run data
    • CLIS tool functions as per its functional and technical specifications
    • No impediment to the coring process or well operations
    The CLIS Recorder Unit underwent further field tests in the Sultanate of Oman in December 2007 on coring
    jobs carried out by Halliburton on behalf of two large oil & gas exploration and production companies in
    Coretrack Limited (“Coretrack” ) is pleased to announce that a complete set of data was recovered from the
    recent field test. Data, presented in the form of the CLIS Core Log Report (see example below), provides
    details of core recovery into the core barrel in a time (hours) versus distance travelled (feet) format.
    Complete Core Log Report: Core Run # 5
    From a very high level perspective, the data in the chart shows that between time 0 hours and time 6 hours
    the core barrel was being run into the well. The small movements in the graph during this period show that
    the recorder unit was moving slightly up and down in the barrel due to the movement of fluid through the
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    core barrel (as it was run in the hole on the drillstring). At time 6 hours the core barrel had reached the
    bottom of the well and coring was commenced.
    Over the next hour or so (between time 6 hours and time 8 hours) 17 metres of core was successfully cut
    and, as shown by the recorder unit, recovered into the core barrel.
    The timings on the CLI Core Log Report corresponded exactly with the onsite coring specialist’s data, and a
    full 17 metres of core was recovered.
    As with previous tests, the CLI Recorder Unit did not obstruct the coring process and both the CLI Recorder
    Unit canister and the electronics operated perfectly in the hostile well environment.
    Coretrack continues to make good progress with the development of its core barrel telemetry system –
    which will enable the signal from the CLI Recorder Unit to be transmitted to the top of the core barrel
    assembly and is further encouraged by the successful results of the CLI Core Log Report software.
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