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    b2, agree with chd. what ignorant nonsense
    to suggest Peter Ingram is somehow lesser for no longer being a substantial shareholder.
    65Million shares have just been issued to BSG holders, of which I'm one. So simple dilution!!!!
    To said "why doesn't he just buy more" border on absolute stupidity and an obvious lack of market understanding on your part.

    For the record, I sold my URL @ 15c(cost 11.5c) and have since bought CUO @ 2.2c.
    That doesn't not change the fact that URL is undervalued and if you don't belive BBY report then read Aegis. I think the "merger" could benefit all shareholders and if CUO is successful I will buy more.
    Even if CUO stays with 12% of URL that got it damn cheap.

    However, crap is still crap.


    PS: This advice is worth what you paid for it.
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