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Well, if I had adopted that attitude, I'd probably be in a...

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    Well, if I had adopted that attitude, I'd probably be in a straitjacket right now, and I'd have missed NCM, EVN, RRL, GOR, when they were all lying in the gutter.

    Words do matter, but show me a CEO who has never lied and I'll show you a three horned unicorn.

    You see, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. Lies, if that's what you want to call them, have never stopped companies, nor managers who head those companies, from turning millions of dollars in profits, for them and their shareholders.

    It's a case of ascertaining what constitutes a lie, and whether it was deliberate.

    I like to see my glass as half-full, whereas others see their glass as half-empty.

    Half-empty usually means you are not prepared to take a risk, because that would mean that you would inevitably suffer losses. And you can't have wins without the inevitable losses.

    Which is all by way of saying that the stock market is no place for you; because everybody lies. Including posters who like to lead other posters astray.

    If you really think the CEO lied, then take action. If you lost money you have my condolences. If you didn't lose money and no longer have a position, then why should it matter? If you did lose money, refer to my first statement.

    I've lost money in the past and blaming a CEO is not the answer. In fact, it got me into hot water. No one held a gun to my head when I began investing, neither then or now.

    The stock market is not a benevolent place. It is cut-throat. If you think you've been wronged, dust yourself off and have no fear. Work your butt off.

    Only you and no one else is responsible for your investments.

    Wake up to the real world and you might do better.

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