Just how many cases of Covid have they really got in India?They...

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    Just how many cases of Covid have they really got in India?
    They claim to be getting 400,000 new cases every day.
    How many tests would you have to do to get 400,000 new positive cases?
    1million? 5 Million? 10million?
    India is desperately short of many resources such a PPE gear and many countries are rushing supplies to them.
    Planning and organisation is very poor, I find it hard to believe that they have the wherewithal to carry out so many tests.
    If they are doing such a fantastic job of testing so many people every day and collating all that information how many are false positives given that if you do up to 35 amplifications with the PCR test you can get a positive reading for almost anything.
    Putting this epidemic into perspective. 3000deaths a day from covid? On any day in India over 27000 die in the normal course of events given a population of over a billion people.

    Michael Yeadon - If the false positive rate is higher than the prevalence you cannot use the assay - Bing video
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