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    I have in invested in O&G for approx 20 years and I'm still a rookie. Now as we are approaching crunch time. Some very worthy experts in this field are coming out of the wood works, and expressing their angle of perception. A big thank you.

    Our everyday chit chat of opinions and guesses, are now being brought to more industry like thoughts. Read it as you will, but the posts over the last couple of days have added a sense of maturity to the real goings on here. In an instance, no report from the company means, not so positive. This chain of thought is not so good.

    Then these cracker posts from highly educated industry professionals put a highly different prospective on the true reasons. On an average day on this forum all sorts of bullsh#t flies. These individuals know their chosen expertise. At this point of proceedings I am feeling more confident than ever with the subliminal messages I am receiving from the highly knowledgeable. Brain strain. You bet. But feeling more and more comfortable by the day. Please keep these valuable posts forthcoming.

    Everybody knows their occupation, education, or gift more than one outside a chosen field. Say no more.
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