stupid greens!

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    Did anyone hear some of the crap that the greens have as policy in NSW, they want to ban sniffer dogs and helicopters that look for drugs as an invasion of privacy, also to be banned is all caged birds and i bet fishing, how many people know thier full aganeda,, not many i bet.
    Greens under fire over policy
    By Joe Hildebrand
    THE NSW Greens have come under fire on two fronts after the coalition locked them out of any preference deal ahead of the upcoming State election and their two MPs questioned whether the police minister was on drugs.

    The minor party, which is hoping to capitalise on disenchantment with Labor and the Democrats in this month's election, was attacked for its support of legalised heroin for drug addicts and the controlled distribution of ecstasy and speed.

    The Greens said their plan to allow the medically supervised provision of illegal drugs would save lives and allow the government to regulate drug use in the community.

    But the announcement was overshadowed in a Greens press conference by the question of whether Police Minister Michael Costa was a drug user.

    At one point, Greens MP Ian Cohen implored journalists: "Ask people like the police minister, who is full bore on law and order campaigns and prevention of drug use in society, has he used drugs himself?"

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