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    To make fun of any sort of poor dumb (or not so dumb) beasts bound for slaughter is pathetic. I don't wish to do so. Bear with me.

    Gillard's principles are so non-existent, or millimetre shallow at best, that she panics at the thought of NT Cattlemen having to start shooting their cattle, having that shown on 60 minutes. As was going to happen with one catle man yesterday, as he had no feed. She, her Government, and her inept Minister panicked and knee jerked into an overnight total ban on cattle exports four weeks ago, not consulting Indonesia, the Cattle Industry, or thinking through the best avenue of tackling the ghastly problem of cattle torture. Which they (Gillard Government) all knew about 6 months ago.
    And the Cattle authorities have known of for years.

    We had four weeks of her "I feel good" halo - can;t stop the boats - but now I've "stopped" cattle torture - whilst the whole cattle industry started to disintegrate overnight. We all know the story, and the implications, collapse of an industry, and now other countries' meat suppliers getting a free kick. Which will have ongoing effects on our cattleproducers now.

    Now after four weeks of dismal publicity, and a furious unconsulted Indonesia, she (they) suddenly reverse the whole scenario, and our cattle are aain destined to the same fates - NO stunning in many of the abottairs, no pressure on the Indonesians themselves to smarten their game, NO audit of slaughtering methods or possible cruelty, putting the onus for the Indo nside of the cattle's treatment solely on the cattle exporters themselves!

    So, we may ask, what was the last four weeks all about??

    as someone said succintly last night in media comment, this Government is like a flea jumping from host to host - never knowing where ikt'll settle! This is an absolute disgrace.
    A travesty. and many of these animals will meet the same ghastly fates before, with NO STUNNING! Yet another Gillard stuff-up - and lie! Rudd's still going to Jakarta today to
    do his "thing". Perhaps his frequent flyer points are falling short of the mark. He should have been there at the outset. But, of course, HIS seat on the UN is more iportant than the entire future of the Australian Cattle Industry.

    and now, we ask ourselves, WHY this knee jerk reversal???

    Stunning 2/........

    Why the back-flip last night? It's obvious! "She" wanted nothing to rain on her parade for next Sunday's "big" productionh number - Propaganda Day (PD). I hear she's hired a brass band, cheer leaders (Bob Brown and Tony Windsor and Oakeshott in charge)
    and she's entering and proceeding to the podium to a special trumpet fanfare composed by Wayne Swan in his spare moments!
    The Ladies of the Greens are to be her handmaidens.
    We are to pay the bill for political propoganda - thanks to "her" ABC friends!-

    I'm buying in my popcorn now. I've booked my front seat.
    I'll sit there, slack jawed and mesmerised, as she pulls yet another ill-fated stunt. (Only joking - I'm hiring a DVD!)

    If you have a few whiskies to help you sit through her self-serving drivel, spare a thought during her drone for the poor damned cattle she does not give a hoot about. She just re-condemned them - yelled at her Minister yesterday (it's said) to "fix it up good and fast" - so she could clear the decks for her next venture into whatever Fantasy Land it is which goes on in her head.

    So this is her idea of "fixing it up" Juyst do a whole 180 degree turn - and it can sort itself out. (Pink batts, secure borders, drowned boat people, Malaysia, etc etc come to mind!)

    On behalf of the sacrifical cattle of Australia - poor beats - again destined for a cruel end - and for all the chaos caused in the cattle industry, and the shocking disregard for the courtesies and form required in our diplomatic relations, I say - SHAME, GILLARD, SHAME!

    This impostor is not a Prime Minister's bootlace!

    I told you she/they are evil, plotting Machiavellians. With them whatever's expedient goes!

    She has not even got the guts to face PArliament with this crazy new Tax -
    insulting us and our intelligence by waiting until the coast is clear and there's NO Parliament for the next six weeks or so. Cunning as a fox!

    She's now welding a sledge-hammer with abandon, destroying Australia's future well-being. NOTHING matters to her - except her own arrogant ego - and her own desperate clinging on to power.

    And the head nodding sycophants simpering and giggling behind her are just as bad as she is. Principles - none! Integrity, knowing they can stop this disaster - none!
    They are all tarred with the one brush. This is turning to anarchy - and it's ugly!

    I would query the Governor General - in fact, may write to her, too. I hope you all have those letters going out. We need to be heard.

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