STT 50% Plus Challenge

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    Here's an interesting thought .... STT Tipsters versus gambling say horseracing or lotto etc

    Chances of backing a winner if you follow a tip from someone in the top 5 on the STT Comp is 50+%. This means that there is a better than 50% chance that the purchase you made will achieve at least 25% gain within 4 weeks and quite often 100+% or more

    So compare that for backing winner in a horse race with odds at say 10:1 or even 4:1, worse still is lotto at billions to 1

    There must be some statisticians out there that can figure out a system where you buy the top 5 tips with say a initial trailing 10% stop and let the winners run and cut out at a certain % to turn a almost 100% Guaranteed profit... I have not pursued this calculation but my systems intuition says there may be something in there if studied. Like to know what people think ?


    OK I issue a formal challenge to anyone who can do the math on the above system purely as an exercise in potential system dev.. to prove or disprove it... Of course you would take small positions in each stock $2-5k ish... What would be the other potential flaws in such a system

    1. Low liquidy
    2. Gaps over your stop (Buying would be guaranteed as you would simply buy at open on day tips start)
    3. High Brokerage
    4. others...

    Lets call it the "STT 50% Plus Challenge"... And we will leave it open for 3 months. You would need to outline the methodology for a "working" and statistically proven system. At the very least it will be a good learning exercise in system development for the Novice traders..
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