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    It will run again tomorrow, driven by the big traders.
    And it will keep running, and slowly weakening until the next ann. "shortly".

    The activity in recent days has not been due to a buying frenzy so much as brokers buying and selling.
    One of the major players was Comsec, no, not the daytraders so much as Comsec itself.
    They bought $6,000,000 worth of SKR yesterday, and sold $6,030,000 worth. Not a bad profit for a day.
    Only the big boys can put up those bids of millions of shares to hold the price up and pull them at strategic times, like when they are set.

    One of the next to run, I believe, will be PIL.
    If you have a look at the market depth (detail), you will see a single buy order of 1million shares - this is Comsec- at 10c.
    Why is it there? If you really want to buy 1 mill. shares, you dont advertise, you put your bid on in dribs & drabs.
    That was placed there this arvo.
    So it is there as a bolster to hold the price up, just as they did with SKR. Any more such buildup tomorrow will indicate it is being taken for a "run".
    Just my hunch.
    Watch for it, have a dabble when it runs, and get out before they pull the rug.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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