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The whole green sector is Crazy. Even after its fall the last...

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    The whole green sector is Crazy. Even after its fall the last few days Tesla's market Cap is bigger than the next 8 companies combined. it use to be 9. When do you think Tesla profits will = these companies? When there production will equal any one of the top 3 in number of cars?. Earlier in the discussion I gave you a chart that compared MP and UURAF to Lynas. UCORE REO in ore as a % is lower than the MT Weld tailings. it is locked in very hard rock and can only be mined with tunnels mines. They have done years of experimentation on how to process this economically and have yet to achieve any production. Yet look UURAF is 80%. Post #: 51234079 The management of Lynas sold stock in Q1 for about AUD 2.25, They desperately needed more cash for latter this year early 2022. to pay for the 2025 plan. They were not short of cash in Q1 they had about AUD 100M on hand. PG 43 AR. Yet they chose to sell shares then for about 2.25. Now which do you think was true? Management were incompetent at assessing fair value of stock. Or they thought that 2.25 was a very good price and did not see speculations coming? The notices for selling these shares was registered in March. can you explain why management choice this point to sell?
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