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I do not know if you ever drove a Chevy Volt. I have driven most...

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    I do not know if you ever drove a Chevy Volt. I have driven most EVS The volt had a paddle on the steering wheel that did 100% electric braking. With about a 90 KW electric motor it was a great way to slow down recovering much of the energy for an off ramp, You had to plan this well in advance. But for any type of normal braking you used the pedal which brought in full regenerative braking then backed it up with friction braking. How much braking force a Hybrid of any type can provide is totally dependent on KW size of motor. Same is true for offloading the ice motor it is all about size. Yes P = IE so in theaory Voltage should make no difference just keep uping the current. Some strange things happen when you try to control more than 300 ~ 400 amps.

    Rember all these motors are 3 phase AC motors which means changing current direction many times a second The voltage across an inductor is

    Voltage across inductor

    • The formula which calculates the inductor voltage is V= Ldi/dt, where V is the voltage across the inductor, L is the inductance of the inductor, and di/dt is the derivative of the current flowing across the inductor.
    • At even 300 Amps this becomes a major problem. Back EMF from motor L and wiring stay L prevents further current increases.
    • 15KW / 48 volts. = 312 amps.
    In case you don't know it, the controller puts out an increasing frequency as RPM increases. This is why when motor is not turning it can create very large torque because it puts out DC at right phase. Only limit is what electronics, batteries and wiring can handle. As motor starts turning then the controller has to apply higher Frequency AC to stay in sync with motor. Then V= Ldi/dt, becomes a real limit to power, both produced and absorbed ( braking). On the volt pull the paddle back at 10 ~ 20 MPH and the car stops Quickly with even a little tire noise. Pull it back at 100KPH or 60 MPH and you do not even feel a slow down. It is the Velocity square thing slowing from 60 to 50 has 11 times the energy as slowing from 10 to 0. That is why I always use slowing from 60 to 30 rather than 30 to 0. It is much more representative of real life.

    So sell some stock go hire an expert and tell me where I am wrong.

    If you don't get this Take your AMG out to an empty road. Watch how fast it goes from 0 to 20. then 100 to 120 then 150 to 170. Yes it is shifting but the power applied is still max. Actually motor should be in a more powerful range in last two than the first. Just the Vsq thing is taking a lot more to overcome.
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