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total garbage you do not have an answer so go after my spelling...

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    total garbage you do not have an answer so go after my spelling to hide your lack of knowledge. Then come up with a perhaps that is garbage.

    from my first post Which you were incapable of replying to.

    1367 of NdPr total 3410 REO yet NdPR is only 25% of Mt weld oar they shipped 4052.
    Q1 same thing 1342 of NdPr 4110 total REO shipped 4500.
    Q4 775 of NdPr 2579 total REO shipped 1878 so yes some did go to inventory in that Q Still amazes me that in a Q beat down by Covid they did not ship everything they made. Any ideas why?
    So can you try again to explain how in Q! they made 4110 and shipped 4500 you think they are adding to inventory? looks like 400 KT came out of inventory.

    Q2 made 3410 shipped 4052 looks like 640 KT shipped from inventory. And all that came out of Inventory was NdPr can you figure that out and explain it to others all the Info you need is between the ****************** You do not even need to go to the Q reports to figure it out. I doubt you can. .

    SO please justify your statement "...perhaps they just want to squirrel some away" when they have clearly been shipping from inventory and what you think impact is of that. How could you think they are putting stock into inventory.
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