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    having trouble working out what is happening with this site however for those interested as you can deduce from recent t/o something is going on at DKN & even my broker is hearing 'rumours' of more action to come.

    and this from a German punter................

    > today we had a repeated buy-recommendation in a german stock-letter ("Der
    > Spekulant") and almost 1.4m turnover! price moved up to 0,10eur which is
    > appr. 0,18a$. i wonder who sold the 1.4m!?
    > the letter also recommends another australien company: magna pacific (mph)
    > read the last announcements and this one seems to be fast growing in an
    > attractive market (dvd) and very cheap. bought a first position today at
    > 0,2eur = 0,36a$. have a look at it.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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