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strong net asset under new management

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    The CEO Peter Mangles was appointed in August 2006. Since then the net assets of the company have grown from $0.2 million (30/6/06) to $1.2 million (30/6/07) and $10.9 million (31/12/07). Assets per share have gone from $0.02 (30/6/07) to $0.082 (31/12/07). Revenues in that time went from $10,202 for the half year to 31/12/06 to $3,285,892 for the corresponding half year to 31/12/07 and the company is now trading profitably. I am looking forward to this stock being one of the best performers in the market in 2008 as the directors keep doing what they are doing. They are performing magnificently and deserve all they have received. They have my shareholder gratitude. There is nothing untoward about their share and option holdings. The market price is about 11 cents and they are subscribing for shares at 14 cents. Their options all have a strike price of 20 cents.
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