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    Thereare very few companies in the world that can make BNNT and only one listed on the ASX.
    The couple of Others can only make gramquantities. The Deakin / ppk are the only group capable of producing bulkkg quantities. This info is on the BNNT technology website.

    NASA and MIT can makeit but only in tiny amounts. NASA have Made a heat shield from it.Space projects cost hundreds of millions so it’s cheap to make sure it can re- enter an atmosphere by using BNNT. Space is only one application.
    Thisstuff would fit technology business models like theirs and many others. SpaceXis a classic example of needing this material. One of their biggestproblems is heat and the other is radiation. Both these issues can be mitigatedby BNNT. If Anyone is going to Space or Mars, I would want thison the space craft, space suit and habitat for radiation and heat shieldprotection.
    NASA seems to think so.
    Companies are willingto pay $1,ooo,ooo per kg to get this product. Name something amajor corporation is willing to pay that amount of money for? Markets went nuts for cobalt and it’s only worth $32k pa ton these days.This is worth $1billion per ton. Can Deakin/ ppk make 1 ton of BNNT? cut thenumbers anyway you want, you still get multiple times this price. It’s reallyonly starting imo.
    This stock could be worth a vast amount of money. Noother listed company is in the running.
    Ppk is a One off, so $2 is looking like a penny dreadfulin the real world. If this cranks, the international market will leave us allbehind on success.
    The other thing youback is who is behind this? The Deakin and Ppk. Top people with top results. Weare not talking about guys in a garage here.
    Exciting times. Dyor
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