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strong buy listed july- source thomson reuters

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    July score gets a 10 out of 10 at current levels in their smart money analysis... we will see.

    Not many smalls get a 10. Listed as 1000% earnings upgrade in the next year. 209% after that... I cannot see this but that is what they suggest from July 2011.

    Their panel usually determines by inside trades, forward earnings and smart money analysis. We will see... 1000%- I am bullish on this one but not that much. V Happy if Management target of 100Mil for 2012 reached with near 70% NET. Gas Plant and Well 2 would have to come good for that to happen. Even in this case earnings up 500% not 1000%.

    Consensus Data

    Pos. Symbol Company Name Num. Analysts in Sample Recommendation Score Expected Growth Earnings Yr.1 Expected Growth Earnings Yr.2
    1 HOG 1 Strong Buy 10.0 1,000% 209% View Chart
    Source: Thomson Reuters

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