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strong balance sheet

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    Half Yearly Report out.

    Debt Free

    Total Current Assets exceed ALL LIABILITIES by $8 million.

    Very healthy position with a net asset backing per share of 10 cents.


    And sitting on an insitu resource of $2 Billion (it must be at least this at current commodity prices)

    I cannot believe the sentiment towards this stock given it is about to complete its new Bankable Feasibility Study which will show a very profitable 10 year plus (thanks to Trilogy) project,

    Good buying as there are still panic stricken share holders willing to sell under value.

    The Phillips River is a project worth believing in - the Directors and close associates have put their money on the line for this one!

    Do your research now. Look at the balance sheet for starters. Once the current attitude to junior miners subsides and the BFS is released this stock will be revalued significantly.

    Can you believe that someone has sold a parcel at 7.8 cents today - are they real?
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