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    Looks like SKR may be worth looking at again!!
    Any comments from the resource experts?

    STRIKER RESOURCES NL ABN 86 009 153 119
    10th Floor, 256 Adelaide Terrace ♦ Perth WA 6000 ♦ Telephone: 08 9221 3355 ♦Facsimile: 08 9221 1730
    [email protected] ♦
    Striker is pleased to advise that preliminary results from the 2003 bulk sampling of Seppelt 2
    kimberlite pipe have confirmed a grade of 2 carats per tonne for the near surface kimberlite
    with an increase in larger diamonds being recovered up to 3.9 carats.
    The results are significant and further enhance the potential and advancement of the Seppelt
    project area.
    First sample:
    Sorting of concentrates from the first sample representing 232 dry tonnes of kimberlite
    produced 473 carats of commercial size diamonds representing a grade of 204 carats per
    100 tonnes (cpht) or 2.04 carats per tonne.
    Twenty of the diamonds are greater than 1carat(ct) in weight, the largest diamond being
    Second sample:
    Sorting of concentrates from a second sample representing 296 dry tonnes of kimberlite is in
    progress, but is on track to produce a similar result to the previous samples. Included in the
    diamonds recovered to date from this sample are 32 diamonds with a weight exceeding 1ct, 5
    of which are greater than 2cts and 4 greater than 3cts in size. The largest of the diamonds are
    two diamonds weighing 3.9cts each, one being a clear gem quality macle.
    Additional diamonds particularly in the smaller size fractions can be expected to be recovered
    from the samples, as reprocessing and sorting of concentrates continues.
    These results confirm that the Seppelt 2 kimberlite is a significantly diamond bearing body
    and are consistent with the high grade of 225cpht previously reported.
    The bulk samples were obtained from the 4m to 12m depth of the weathered kimberlite.
    For the completed samples, the diamonds greater than 0.25 cts consistently represent 30% of
    the carat weight recovered.
    The objective of the current bulk sampling program is to recover a diamond valuation parcel
    of some 4000carats. This parcel will allow a definitive assessment of diamond value.
    Valuations received from 3 independent valuers, including the De Beers Group, for the 400ct
    parcel of Seppelt 2 diamonds recovered in 2002 gave a modeled value range of US$28 to
    US$54 per carat using a 1.5mm bottom screen cutoff.
    Processing of additional kimberlite as well as infill gravel material is continuing on site. The
    Dense Media (DMS) processing plant uses a square mesh bottom screen of 0.75mm and an
    upper screen of 12mm.
    Exploration - Gravity targets
    The significantly diamond bearing nature of Seppelt 2 further enhances the exploration
    potential of the Seppelt "look a like" gravity anomalies that are located within the defined 5
    kilometer long Seppelt1-Seppelt 2 structural corridor.
    Follow-up exploration of these targets is underway with soil samples being completed on 13
    of the 23 identified targets to date.
    In close proximity to the Seppelt 5 breccia pipe which is within this structural trend, a large
    coherent surface geochemical anomaly 400m long and up to 100m wide has been identified.
    This soil anomaly is coincident with a series of related and adjoining gravity anomalies and
    trenching of this anomaly will shortly be undertaken as a prelude to drilling activities.
    Further announcements will be made regarding diamond recoveries as they come to hand.
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